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AQUATIC MANAGEMENT SERVICES ACCIDENT/REPORT FORM (MUST Be Completed for ANY Accident or Rescue) Pool Name: Accident Date: Accident Time: Injured Person/Victim: Address: City: Zip: Phone No. Age: Male/Female:
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. Friend or Friend of Family/Friend: If the event resulted in a death, please submit details of report to the Sheriff's Office. NOTE: Information on these reports will be kept confidential when it is submitted, unless the Accident or Rescue occurs within the County of Los Angeles. Accidents or rescues that occur within a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station are not subject to confidentiality protections. RESOLUTION TO REPORT A FACILITY/MOTOR VEHICLE / RIDE DOWNTIME / PROPERTY/MUSCLE FAILURE / FIRE/CHEMICAL INCIDENT — ACCIDENT Please report a vehicle/vehicle/vehicle related incident to the Sheriff's Office. The use of the web based report system is optional. If you choose to make and submit a report, it will remain confidential and will remain for one year and must be reported to the following address. The information you are submitting must be true and complete and include: Name of Vehicle/Vehicle/Vehicle Date and Time: Location: Reason: Please NOTE: Once you submit this form, it can be reviewed by the Sheriff's Office or, if requested, by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for possible resolution of the incident.
Vehicles outside the pool must be identified as boats) Accident Type: Splash (Water in pools must be splashed; water in the pool area can be splashed with a towel or sponge, but not directly on other people) Accident Type: Swimming (Water must be splashed; splash zones may apply within the area of the pool; the water must be sprayed with water if it's too deep for splash.) Accident Type: Boat (Splash zones may apply within the area of the pool; the water must be sprayed with water if it's too deep for splash) Accident Type: Recreational (Splash zones may apply within the area of the pool; however, splash zones must be at least 8 feet by 6 feet, with no water deeper than 12 inches for any sport; water in pools of 6 inches or fewer must not require splash zones; water with more depth than 12 inches but less than 20 inches must not require splash zones) Accident Type: Recreational (Water in pools not within the area of the splash zone may not be splashed; water with more than 6 inches of water depth must not require splash zones; water within splash zones must be fully covered with a tarp or plastic sheeting; water with more than 20 inches of water must not require splash zones for recreational water) Please note it is recommended that a form be used for any recreational accident involving more than two people.
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Welcome to how to write an incident report first we're going to use a case study so pay close attention to what is about to happen in the video we're about to show you a common incident that occurs within residential communities while all incident reports were commonly referred to as IRS may sound different they are typically structured the same it's very cool everybody's really excited some pretty awesome yes great give that noise it sounds like a party it's really loud I think it's remember I'm over there you want to check it out yeah, so it's Thursday night and took a to have a party, but this party isn't registered, and it's 2 a.m. which is past the time that parties must be shut down here take the video on the minute I'm going to do it just singing there's definitely people here — oh yeah push open up the apartment assistant under you Julia we can hear you it's obviously students are inside I'm going to knock a few more times and let them know that I'm the apartment assistant on duty they still don't answer the door I'm going to have to tell them that I'm going to have to contact my supervisor let's hope we don't have to take it that far this is Julia the apartment assistant on duty please open up hey what's up hi Kristina Olga yeah Cristina it's a good thing our supervisor make sure we know at least one student in every apartment I'm the student is going to make the confrontation a little easier, so you're having a party more like a gathering I mean it's my friend's birthday, and it's not that big of a deal so the more I speak to Kristina the more I smell alcohol and looking at the roster she's not 21, so now we have an underage drinking situation why didn't you register the party well by the time I realized that I was going to throw it is has been too late to get in touch with Relief I thought if I kept it under control it was okay you're partly right it's good that you kept your guests inside and prevented them from coming out, but we could still hear your party from up here in the hallway Gym alcohol in their yeah you're not 21 are you no all right well unfortunately I'm going to have to ask you to shut the party down why look I know that I didn't register it and I have alcohol but can't my friends stay there mad cool hmm this one's tricky I wonder how Julia will handle this I could be the that no one likes and really shut this thing down but what would that do if the residents see that I'm cutting them some slack, and maybe I won't hear anything from them tonight anymore, but the alcohol has to go I'll tell you what we'll work with you your guests can stay, but there can't be any more complaints about your apartment tonight, and we'll have to watch you dump out the alcohol, and we're going to have to document the situation our supervisor is going to end up following with you at some point this week fair enough all right that'll work thanks Julia all right guys you guys shut this down alcohol well that's all of it thanks Christina I'll...
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